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Teluk Dalam


Place to Visit


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Genasi Abys
Genasi Abys lies 14 kilometers from Kecamatan Teluk Dalam. Along the way, we can really enjoy fantastic sightseeing and fresh mountainous air. On the top of t


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Lagundri Beach
The length of Lagundri Beach reach 4 km. Along the white sandy beach grow a lot of coconut trees that make them look more attractive. This is a very good p


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Sorake Beach
Sorake and Lagundri beaches are located in southern Nias about 12 km from Teluk Dalam. These two beaches (with the length of 4 km) face each other. Along the wh


This is a traditional village. It is located just 1 kilometer from Lagundi Beach. Traditional houses and megalithic stones can be seen here. Maena (Nias traditi


Hili Amaeta Niha
Hili Amaeta Niha Village is situated 1000 feet above the sea level. It lies 11 kilometers from Kecamatan Teluk Dalam or 2 kilometers from Lagundri Beach. We ca


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Bawomataluo which means "the Hill of the Sun" is 1313 feet above sea level. It is easy to get to. It is 111 km from Teluk Dalam. This area can be reached by car


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Stone Jumping at Bawömataluo
In the past, stone jumping was intended to prepare young people to be ready for war. Those who could jump over the stone (2 meters high) were considered mature


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War Dance at Bawömataluo


Hilisimaetano is a village about 22 km from Teluk Dalam and 90 km from Gunung Sitoli. It has a large number of traditional Nias houses that fascinate tourists.


The Onohondrö Village lies about 26 Kilometers from Kecamatan Teluk Dalam. At this village, there is a Chief's House with ornaments and Nias achitecture.


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Hilinawölö Mazingö
At this village, there is a nicest traditional house (that completed with traditional carving) was built without using any nails. This chief's house is entirel


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Hilinawölö Fau
Hilinawölö Fau is a traditional village. In this village, there are 127 Southern Nias traditional houses and a number of megalithic stones still stand in front

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